Metallica Celebrates James Hetfield Birthday With Release Of 2000 Live Concert

via @Metallica | YouTube

As they have been doing since the start of the pandemic 20 weeks ago, this Monday Metallica released a full concert from its arch vaults.

This time, the date coincided with James Hetfield’s 57th birthday, who leads the band with his powerful vocals and rhythm guitar. And in commemoration, they published a show performed on the vocalist’s birthday but 20 years ago.

James Hetfield, the frontman of Metallica, turns 57 (August 3, 2020). And the band celebrates it with the emission of a concert of just 20 years ago; the day he turned 37 (August 3, 2000) in Dallas (Texas, United States). They do so within the framework of the #MetallicaMondays initiative (Metallica Mondays).

The concert was recorded in good audio and video quality, although the band advises in the description that the sound of the public is almost imperceptible because there were no microphones pointing towards it, only what was collected by those on the stage is heard.

Keep going for the video below: