Metallica Debuts Limited-Edition Blackened Whiskey

via @Metal Jim Rocks | Youtube

Metallica recently launched a new limited-edition of their Blackened whiskey. The new batch has a connection with music that was played during the aging process.

When the group had announced Blackened in early 2018, the band revealed that a “Metallica playlist blasts in the room where the black brandy casks are stored.”

According to a press release, the playlist for this Batch 100 was curated by master distiller blender Rob Dietrich, the first time someone outside the group’s circle has chosen the songs. 

“When I look at Rob’s playlist, I love the selections, I love the variety,” drummer Lars Ulrich said. “I love that he’s gone for two deeper live tracks from the Damaged Justice tour, I love seeing both the Binge & Purge and Through the Never eras represented, and he even tapped the Helping Hands album, so it’s clear he is not a part-timer!”

Batch 100 is set to be sold in a box with two 12″ vinyl picture discs that contain the songs used in the process and the first edition of the Blackened zine. The Batch 100 is available for pre-order online

Metallica Blackened Whiskey Batch 100 Playlist

1. “Blackened” (Live)

2. “Creeping Death” (Live)

3. “The Unforgiven” (Live)

4. “Disposable Heroes”

5. “Fade to Black”

6. “Spit Out the Bone”

7. “Whiplash”

8. “And Justice for All”

9. “Nothing Else Matters” (Live acoustic)

10. “Leper Messiah”

11. “One” (Live)

12. “Battery”