Metallica Planning Their Own Whiskey Distillery

Whiskey in a jar the works

 Metallica is making their single Whiskey in a Jar into quite literal reality as reports say that the legendary rock band is in talks to open a whiskey distillery.


Veteran distiller Dave Pickerell  says that Metallixa will be releasing their own brand of American whiskey although there has been no official confirmation from Metallica

Pickerell tells Whiskeycast, 

“I’ve just been permitted to announce that I’m working on a project with them. We’re going to make a killer whiskey product and probably build a little distillery someplace. We’re putting the logistics together on it now.”

Looks like that’s all we know about Metallica getting in gear to go dive into the whiskey game though Pickerel managed to squeak a little more detail about the distillery project, saying,

“We’re already deep into it. As you would expect from a band with the artisanal bent that Metallica does, that they would want this to be a true artisanal product. We’re having some fun…I can’t go into a lot more detail yet because there’s still a lot of stuff up in the air.”

And where would this Metallica distillery be located you may wonder? Pickerel reveals,

“San Fransisco, the home of Metallica, Louisville, the home of bourbon, and Nashville, the home of music … one of those three seems to make sense. I”m voting for San Fransisco and the Bay Area, if nothing falls apart.”

Metallica isn’t the first band to release their own brand of whiskey in the past. In 2015, Motorhead released their brand of whiskey with Swedish distillery Mackmyra. 

Pickerel says they have three locations in mind for the distillery: San Francisco, Louisville or Nashville.

Maybe Metallica’s brand of whiskey will actually come in a jar.