Michael Anthony Recalls Moment When Sammy Hagar Clicked With The Band

via Sammy Hagar / Youtube

In a recent video shared on Sammy Hagar’s YouTube channel, Michael Anthony, the renowned bassist, and Hagar reminisced about the pivotal moment when the singer clicked with the band during the recording of Van Halen’s seventh studio album, ‘5150.’ The duo sat down to discuss their early days together and the unexpected turn of events that led to a successful collaboration.

Anthony vividly recalled the initial days of recording for ‘5150,’ noting the absence of communication between him and Hagar.

The band members were taken aback when Hagar, who had recently cut his hair short, entered the studio, expecting a different atmosphere. However, as they began playing music, the dynamic changed dramatically.

The turning point came when they started working on the song ‘Summer Nights.’ As Hagar started singing and the band jammed, the chemistry between them became evident. The lyrics flowed naturally, with many of them making it into the final version of the song. ‘Summer Nights’ resonated with everyone in the studio, leading to a strong camaraderie among the musicians.

Watch the video below:

Anthony initially had different plans, considering the possibility of having Eddie Van Halen play on his next solo record.

However, after the fruitful studio session, his perspective shifted. While Anthony thought of joining Van Halen as a humorous notion, fate had different plans.

Unexpectedly, Hagar’s presence in the studio led to an invitation to join Van Halen, making ‘5150’ his first album with the band. This collaboration marked the beginning of a successful musical journey, during which they produced several albums together. Despite Anthony’s eventual departure, he was later called back to the band for a tribute show after Eddie Van Halen’s passing, demonstrating the enduring bond between the musicians.

The video captures the essence of the moment when creative energies aligned, leading to the birth of a significant chapter in Van Halen’s history. This shared memory stands as a testament to the power of musical connection and the magic that can happen when talented artists come together in harmony.