Mick Jagger Took An “Anti-Singing” Approach In New Rolling Stones Album – We’re Confused Too

via @Mick Jagger | Youtube

In a surprising twist that has left fans intrigued and curious, Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger took an unconventional route during the recording of the band’s latest album, “Hackney Diamonds.” According to the album’s producer, Andrew Watt, Jagger adopted what he calls an “anti-singing” approach to his vocal work, creating a unique and distinctive sound that challenges traditional singing norms.

Watt revealed that both Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards were deeply concerned about capturing the essence of Bob Dylan’s iconic vocal delivery.

He described Jagger’s studio process, saying,

“The first take, second take, the sweater is still on. End of take two, the sweater comes off. When he’s in the T-shirt, and he’s on that microphone, watch the fuck out. It’s 100 percent Jagger.”

Watt emphasized the transformation in Jagger’s performance, where he shifted from almost speaking to a captivating vocal style, reminiscent of his electrifying stage presence.

The producer noted that Jagger’s approach was unique; he wasn’t striving for perfection but rather embracing the raw and unpolished quality of his voice.

According to Watt,

“It’s almost speaking. He has such attention to detail in his voice, of making it not too good. That’s so cool. Every other singer I’ve worked with is like, ‘I can sing that better.’ He’s the opposite: ‘I could throw that away.’”

“Hackney Diamonds” marks the Rolling Stones’ return to original music, their first album since 2005’s “A Bigger Bang.” Despite the long hiatus, Jagger and Richards had been continuously writing songs throughout these years, amassing a collection of 70 to 80 tracks for the new album. Watt shared insights into their collaborative process, explaining, “‘Listen to everything we’ve got, and pick what you like.’ So I did exactly that.”

While some tracks were demos and others were still in development.

The meticulous approach taken by the band members, especially Jagger, ensured that each element of the music was carefully curated. Watt highlighted Jagger’s unparalleled dedication, stating,

“He cares so much about this band, and how everyone is represented.”

According to Watt, the album not only showcases Jagger’s timeless vocals but also serves as a testament to the band’s enduring creativity and musical prowess.