Miley Cyrus Proves She Perform ‘Jolene’ Perfectly – Watch

via @Kostya Cyrus | YouTube

Miley Cyrus – yes! The one we knew as Hannah Montana and then turned 180 ° to become the nightmare of every parent of a pre-adolescent girl.

But you have to admit something to her, be it good or bad, everyone knows who she is, everyone looks for the videos of her latest performance to see how crazy she came out now, what hairstyle she did or how lightly she was wearing.

But believe it or not, Lola has her talent and knows about music beyond pop. This is demonstrated in a series of performances that she makes directly from the garden of his house. The so-called “Backyard Sessions” by Miley Cyrus began in 2012 as a purely independent and promotional project, from her home and exclusively for distribution on YouTube.

Recorded in the middle of the American spring in Los Angeles, it shows a simple Miley, in front of an almost exclusively acoustic band and singing nothing but covers of her favorite songs.

Clothes, hair, twerking, and nonsense videos aside, we have a talented artist who leaves empty pop for the stage.

Keep going for the video below, it’s worth it.