Motley Crue Teases The Dirt With Machine Gun Kelly

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Motley Crue recently released a teaser of their new single, “The Dirt (Est. 1981)” featuring rapper Machine Gun Kelly, in the video (available below) you can see a studio sessions for the soundtrack for their upcoming Netflix biopic which has the same name.

The snippet showcased the audio alongside footage of Motley Crue members in the studio while recording four of their new tracks for the project with their producer, Bob Rock.

The song was released online last February 22 and followed by its radio premiere just a few days after as bassist Nikki Sixx debuted the track when he appeared on Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones’s radio show called “Jonesy’s Jukebox,” 95.5 KLOS in LA, California.

On the verge of releasing the official video trailer for the film, Motley Crue also announced the tracklist for the movie’s soundtrack (which you can see below), which includes songs such as “Ride with the Devil,” “Crash And Burn” and a cover of Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.”

The movie is set to be premiered on March 22, available on Netflix, “The Dirt” is directed by Jeff Tremaine and features Machine Gun Kelly as Tommy Lee, Douglas Booth as Sixx, Daniel Webber as Vince Neil, and Iwan Rheon as Mick Mars.

Keep going for the snippet video, tracklist and the trailer below:

Motley Crue

“The Dirt: Soundtrack”

Release date: March 22

  1. The Dirt (Est. 1981) * [ft. Machine Gun Kelly]
  2. Red Hot
  3. On With The Show
  4. Live Wire
  5. Merry-Go-Round
  6. Take Me To The Top
  7. Piece Of Your Action
  8. Shout At The Devil
  9. Looks That Kill
  10. Too Young To Fall In Love
  11. Home Sweet Home
  12. Girls, Girls, Girls
  13. Same Ol’ Situation (SOS)
  14. Kickstart My Heart
  15. Dr. Feelgood
  16. Ride With The Devil *
  17. Crash And Burn *
  18. Like A Virgin (Madonna cover) *


* new recordings