Neal Schon Addresses Backlash Surrounding Journey’s Exclusive Shows for Oil Companies

via smyletuneage / Youtube

Neal Schon, the guitarist of Journey, recently found himself addressing criticism regarding the band’s decision to perform at a private show in Las Vegas hosted by an oil company. Schon took to Twitter to share a video from the event, tagging the hosting oil company as a courtesy. However, a Journey fan responded to the tweet, expressing concern about the band’s choice to perform for an oil company.

The fan’s tweet questioned the appropriateness of Journey playing private gigs for big oil companies. In response, Neal Schon swiftly dismissed the criticism, offering his reasoning as to why working with an oil giant didn’t feel wrong to him.

Schon’s reply stated, “It’s a 1 off private. Why not?”

The exchange was short-lived, as the fan didn’t further engage in the conversation. However, it appears that Schon has no qualms about collaborating with oil companies and entertaining guests at private parties.

In contrast, Neil Young has taken a strong stance on performing only in venues that are “guilt-free” and environmentally sustainable. The Canadian rocker’s perspective on stage ethics and environmental responsibility differs from Schon’s approach. Young has been actively advocating for change in the music industry to prioritize environmental sustainability.

While Schon and Young may have differing views on this topic, it highlights the diversity of perspectives within the music industry when it comes to partnering with corporations, particularly those involved in the oil sector. Artists often face decisions about the companies they align themselves with for private events and shows.

The controversy surrounding Journey’s performance for the oil company brings attention to the ongoing discussions about the role of musicians in promoting environmental responsibility. Some artists, like Neil Young, prioritize performing in venues that align with their personal values and environmental concerns. Others, like Neal Schon, may view private events as separate from their overall public image and artistic expression.

It is important to recognize that artists have individual choices when it comes to their performances and collaborations. While some may take a firm stance on environmental issues, others may approach partnerships based on different considerations such as the nature of the event or the relationship with the hosting company.

As the conversation around environmental sustainability and corporate partnerships continues, musicians and their fans will undoubtedly continue to engage in meaningful dialogue about the ethical implications of their actions. Ultimately, it is up to each artist to navigate these choices and decide what aligns with their values and artistic vision.