New Jimi Hendrix Documentary And Live Album Set For Fall Release

via @Jimi Hendrix | YouTube

The new documentary will focus on the legendary guitarist’s eventful visit to Hawaii in 1970.

Music, Money, Madness… Jimi Hendrix in Maui is the name of the new documentary about Jimi Hendrix, which will feature exclusive never-before-seen content about Jimi’s participation in the controversial 1971 film Rainbow Bridge.

After the success of the 1969 film Easy Rider, focused on the hippie counterculture so fashionable in the late 1960s, the idea arose of filming a kind of response with non-professional actors improvising on the Hawaiian island of Maui without any script type.

As it was known that the movie alone was not going to turn out, he contacted young star Jimi Hendrix, who at that time was already an icon for hippie culture, to give a concert. However, the final result of the film was only given 17 minutes of presentation, which left the audience extremely unsatisfied.

“Mitch did a tremendous amount of work on the overdubs,” says producer Eddie Kramer“If he didn’t get it in one take, he certainly did in the second one and I was so blown away by his ability to duplicate the parts he had already played! He was determined to fix what suffered on the recordings due to the 50 mile an hour winds because they were playing on the side of a bloody volcano!

“After Jimi died it took a while before I was able to go back to the closet with all the tapes. Mitch was a trooper with a can-do British attitude. It’s all very well to overdub drums, but to do it so you can’t tell, that’s the magic. He knew the material extremely well and it’s a tribute to his sensitivity as a great musician and an equal and willing partner of Jimi’s.”

The film was released a year after the unfortunate death of Hendrix, who as we know left this world on September 18, 1970 at the age of 27. The strangest thing was that the soundtrack that was published accompanying the film did not include, surprisingly, anything of the presentation of the deceased guitarist.

Thanks to this documentary we will finally be able to listen to everything that the great Jimi Hendrix played, as it will be accompanied by ‘Live in Maui‘, a new live album, which will have two CD’s or three vinyl LPs. Check out the full setlist here:

CD1 (First Show)

  1. Chuck Wein Introduction
  2. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
  3. In From The Storm
  4. Foxey Lady
  5. Hear My Train A-Comin’
  6. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
  7. Fire
  8. Purple Haze
  9. Spanish Castle Magic
  10. Lover Man
  11. Message to Love

CD2 (Second Show)

  1. Dolly Dagger
  2. Villanova Junction
  3. Ezy Ryder
  4. Red House
  5. Freedom
  6. Jam Back at the House
  7. Straight Ahead
  8. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)/Midnight Lightning
  9. Stone Free

‘Live in Maui‘ joins the more than 25 live albums that the iconic guitarist has to his credit.

Watch the trailer for Music, Money, Madness… Jimi Hendrix in Maui below: