Nick Mason Open to Pink Floyd Reunion and Excites Fans with Hope of a Comeback

via @pinkfloydbt | Instagram

Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason has indicated that he is open to the idea of reuniting with his former bandmates. While a reunion seemed unlikely in recent years due to the public feud between Roger Waters and David Gilmour, Mason’s willingness to consider a reunion could reignite hopes for Pink Floyd fans.

Mason has been more supportive of Waters than Gilmour has, praising the remastering of The Dark Side of the Moon and signing a petition to get Waters’ cancelled shows in Germany reinstated. Mason has also made it clear that he holds no grudges against his former bandmates and would be open to any reunion opportunity that comes his way.

Despite Mason’s willingness to reunite, it is unclear whether Pink Floyd will ever come together again. The band has been embroiled in a bitter feud ever since Waters left the group. Gilmour has been particularly critical of Waters, supporting his wife Polly Sampson’s comments that Waters was “antisemitic to [his] rotten core.”

In the past, Waters has accused Gilmour of thinking he owns Pink Floyd and that he is irrelevant. Gilmour has also been accused of trying to erase Waters’ contributions to the band’s music. Despite these issues, Mason has indicated that he would be willing to put the past behind him and reunite with his former bandmates if the opportunity arises.

While Pink Floyd fans may be hopeful for a reunion, it is important to remember that there are still significant obstacles to overcome before a reunion can take place. Nonetheless, Mason’s willingness to consider a reunion is a positive sign and could be a starting point for future discussions.