Nikki Sixx Claps Back At Sharon Osbourne’s Insults

via React Now / Youtube

Nikki Sixx, the renowned bassist of Motley Crue, has responded to recent comments made by Sharon Osbourne, wife of legendary rock icon Ozzy Osbourne. The exchange occurred during an episode of The Osbournes Podcast, where the conversation delved into a notorious incident involving Ozzy and a line of ants during a 1984 tour with Motley Crue. This incident, vividly detailed in the Crue’s memoir “The Dirt” and its subsequent film adaptation, has remained a staple in rock and roll folklore.

Sharon’s Perspective

During the podcast, Jack Osbourne, the son of Ozzy and Sharon, broached the subject with his father. Confirming the incident, Ozzy affirmed the truth of the story. Jack then turned to Sharon, seeking her account. Sharon clarified that she wasn’t present at the time, but emphasized her inclination to maintain a certain distance from the members of Motley Crue when they were in the company of her husband.

Sharon says, “All I know is that I think it made their movie, and I wanna know why, now we’re on the subject, of why, when they advertised their movie on Netflix, it’s a picture of a guy imitating Ozzy. Why isn’t the ad campaign a picture of Motley Crue?”

Nikki Sixx Responds

In response to Sharon’s remarks, Nikki Sixx took to social media to address the situation. Sixx, known for his candidness, didn’t mince words.

“We had a lot of love and respect for Sharon. We love Ozzy. So when people comment on stuff calling her a plastic granny tranny I have it deleted. Not sure what she’s upset about now but let’s not perpetuated [sic] her comments by posting negativity about her..”

Setting the Record Straight

The Motley Crue bassist also took the opportunity to set the record straight,

“We had a lot of love and respect for Sharon,” asserting past tense language while selecting present tense for reaffirmation, “We love Ozzy.”

Certainly, Jake E. Lee, Ozzy Osbourne’s guitarist at the time, strongly disputed the ant-snorting tale in a 2019 interview with Tone-Talk.

He stated:

“I was there, and I never saw ants. I was right there. He snorted a little spider. There was a not a trail of fucking ants there. Tommy [Lee] says it, Nikki says it, Ozzy says it — they were fucked up. I was not. I was just trying to get a fucking sun tan. That’s all I was doing. They were getting fucked up. Ozzy snorted a little tiny stupid spider that was crawling across. There was no ants — there was no fucking ants. I don’t care what the other guys say — there was no ants.”