Nita Strauss Shares How She Writes Songs With Alice Cooper

via Jumping Jack / Youtube

Nita Strauss, the talented guitarist known for her work with Alice Cooper, recently shared insights into her songwriting process and how she tailors her playing style to complement different vocalists. In a candid interview with Music Radar, Strauss emphasized the importance of understanding the vocal range and preferences of the artist she collaborates with, especially when crafting songs for legendary rock icon Alice Cooper.

Adapting to Different Vocalists

When working with various vocalists, Nita Strauss believes in customizing her guitar arrangements to suit their unique vocal styles. For Alice Cooper, she is particularly mindful of creating songs that resonate with his iconic rock persona. Strauss explained:

“You want to always make whoever you are working with feel like they are being heard…writing a song for someone like Alice Cooper, I am not going to write him something in a very high key, or a very low register, or something too fast where he would have to say syllables very, very fast.”

Crafting Songs Around Vocal Style

Understanding the essence of Alice Cooper’s vocal delivery, Nita Strauss meticulously crafts guitar compositions that enhance his performance. She recognizes the need to align her playing style with Cooper’s preferences to create a harmonious and seamless musical experience. Strauss elaborated:

“You want to be conscious of, ‘This is what Alice does, what works the best for him?’ And then craft it around his unique vocal style.”

Collaborations and Future Projects

Having collaborated with diverse artists, Nita Strauss showcases her versatility as a guitarist. Her past work with Demi Lovato as a stage guitarist for a year exemplifies her adaptability in catering to different musical styles. While Strauss is currently rejoining Alice Cooper on his upcoming tours, she revealed that exciting new music is on the horizon. Strauss confirmed that Cooper and Lovato are collaborating on a new song, adding a thrilling twist to her musical journey.

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