Our 7 Track Playlist Of Thin Lizzy

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Thin Lizzy was formed in Dublin, Ireland in the year 1969. It consists of founding members Phil Lynott and Brian Downey who knew each other during their school years.

They’ve released their debut in 1971 entitled Thin Lizzy, and from then on they would continue to release albums until their last one titled, Thunder and Lightning released in 1983. After this, Phil left to go on a journey as a solo artist and recorded some solo albums and worked with other musicians until his death in 1986 at 36 years old. 

Here’s our 7 track playlist of Thin Lizzy:

7. The Boys Are Back In Town

The track was released on their Jailbreak album in 1976. It’s one of the biggest hits of their career and highest-charted single ever in the United States reaching 12 on the Billboard music charts and number 8 in the U.K.


6. Cowboy Song

Another great track from their Jailbreak album. Composed by Phil Lynott and Brian Downey inspired by American Western movies. The single-edit of the song cut two minutes of the track from 5:16 to turning it to 3:17. 


5. Whiskey In A Jar

The track that was not written by the band itself, but they’ve turned it as if it was their own. The song was originally a traditional Irish ballad and Thin Lizzy released it as a single in 1970.


4. Chinatown

One of the fans’ favorite tracks released by Thin Lizzy. It was released as the title track for the album of the same name. The song showcased a groove and intensity and it’s those reasons why we love the song.


3. Johnny The Fox

It’s hard not to love the opening line of the song,  Johnny the Fox,” he called to Jimmy The Weed.” Simply the best killer song that follows up with their iconic The Boys Are Back In Town. It’s not a hit song but it definitely rocks!


2. Got To Give Up

From the album, Black Rose released in 1970. Got To Give Up represents how Thin Lizzy can rock n’ roll your pan out. It’s surely a timeless classic and indeed a work-of-art.


1. Cold Sweat

The song that defines Thin Lizzy sound – it was released on the band’s final album Thunder and Lightning in 1983. It has dark and groovy riffs along with intense drumming. The only sad thing about this track is that it’s included on the band’s last album.