Our Jaws Dropped When We Heard Grandpa Sings “House Of The Rising Sun”

via Rock Celebrities / Youtube

You’ve likely heard the 1960s tune, House of the Rising Sun. Did you realize, though, that it is a traditional folk song?

The original sorrow can be traced all the way back to 1900s American miners. And the secrets of its origins before that are still being debated.

House of the Rising Sun has been recorded and recreated by a number of outstanding musicians but this jaw-dropping cover by a grandpa is indeed one of the best!

Keep going in the video below and take a look!

Traditional folk tune House of the Rising Sun has been handed down from generation to generation. Folk songs are transmitted orally, much like fairy tales, and they might vary with each singing or recounting. Although the verses were originally written down in 1925, the earlier history is still unclear.

Alan Lomax, a renowned expert in ethnomusicology, attributes the origin of the House of the Rising Sun to a song called Matty Groves. This would transport Rising Sun to Northern England in the year 1600.

Vance Randolf, a folklorist, disputes, positing a 16th-century French immigrant population as the origin. The truth is that no one does, but many people still like making assumptions.

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