Ozzy Osbourne Gets Birmingham’s Bull Named After Him


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Ozzy Osbourne, the iconic Prince of Darkness, has received a remarkable tribute from his hometown of Birmingham. The enormous mechanical bull, a prominent feature during last year’s Commonwealth Games, will be named in honor of the legendary musician. This recognition follows Ozzy’s memorable performance at the closing ceremony alongside Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi. As the bull prepares to find its permanent home at Birmingham’s New Street Station.


A Bull Fit for Ozzy Osbourne

The massive mechanical bull, an eye-catching spectacle during the Commonwealth Games, has become a beloved symbol in Birmingham. Originally slated for removal after the games, public outcry led to a new plan that would see the bull preserved. In a public vote, fans overwhelmingly chose to name the bull after their hometown hero, Ozzy Osbourne. The alternative suggestions of ‘Brummie,’ ‘Bostin,’ and ‘Boulton’ were no match for Ozzy’s popularity.

Ozzy’s Thrilled and Honored

When informed of the decision to name the bull after him, Ozzy Osbourne expressed his gratitude and excitement. Reflecting on his participation in the Commonwealth Games’ closing ceremony, Ozzy said:

“When I was asked last year to close the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, they didn’t have to ask me twice… I was honored to close the games, and this year I’ve just been told they’ve chosen my name to name the bull, which is going to be in the station.”

Ozzy’s genuine enthusiasm and appreciation for the tribute were evident as he continued:

“I can’t believe it, I’m absolutely blown away. I don’t know what to say anymore, I’m just absolutely thrilled to bits. God bless you all.”

A Triumphant Homecoming

The decision to name the bull after Ozzy Osbourne is a testament to the affection and pride the people of Birmingham hold for their hometown hero. West Midlands mayor Andy Street expressed his anticipation, stating:

“Like people right across our region, I cannot wait to see Ozzy take pride of place in New Street Station in a triumphant homecoming this summer – proudly bearing the name of the Prince of Darkness himself.”

This tribute not only celebrates Ozzy’s musical legacy but also represents the bond between the city and its beloved musician.

Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath have received numerous honors from Birmingham over the years, demonstrating the city’s admiration for their achievements. Previous tributes include a star on Broad Street, a metal bench, and even a tram named after the iconic singer. The decision to name the mechanical bull after Ozzy further solidifies his legendary status and his significant contributions to the city’s cultural fabric.