Ozzy Said Goodbye To His Father In The Sweetest Way

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The world knows Ozzy Osbourne as the Prince of Darkness, a rock legend who has left an indelible mark on the music industry. Behind the iconic persona, however, lies a man who cherishes his family above all else. From the tumultuous spotlight of reality TV to his unwavering love for his wife Sharon, Ozzy has consistently showcased his devotion to his loved ones. One particularly poignant display of his familial bonds was the way he said goodbye to his father, Thomas ‘Jack’ Osbourne, in a manner that truly captured his deep emotions.

Remembering the Heartfelt Tribute from the Prince of Darkness

A Tribute to a Beloved Father

In 1977, a profound loss shook Ozzy Osbourne’s world. His father, Thomas ‘Jack’ Osbourne, passed away after a battle with cancer. Jack Osbourne had been a pivotal figure in Ozzy’s upbringing, playing a crucial role not only in his personal life but also in the legacy of Black Sabbath. He was the craftsman behind the trademark crosses that became synonymous with the band in the late 1970s.

A Farewell Song on Never Say Die

A year later, on the 1978 album “Never Say Die,” Ozzy unveiled a deeply personal tribute to his late father. In an interview with Record Mirror, he revealed that the album’s third track, titled “Junior’s Eyes,” was dedicated to his father’s memory. Ozzy reflected on the song, stating, “It’s a farewell song to my father about my grief. We were like brothers.” This profound connection between father and son was evident, transcending the boundaries of their roles in each other’s lives.

Heartache and Healing

Ozzy’s emotional connection with his father’s passing became even more apparent as he shared the circumstances surrounding his father’s death. He disclosed that his father passed away on the sixth birthday of his daughter, in the very same hospital room where she was born. This serendipitous yet heart-wrenching alignment of events highlighted the deep emotional impact that his father’s passing had on his life. Ozzy’s grief was palpable as he confessed, “It’s only now that I can talk about it to anyone.”

Facing Demons and Finding Strength

Ozzy’s departure from Black Sabbath was not solely influenced by his father’s passing; he was grappling with his well-documented struggles with substance abuse. The relentless demands of rock and roll stardom had taken a toll on his well-being, leaving him exhausted and sleep-deprived. Reflecting on those dark times, he admitted, “I was drinking, taking a lot of pills, so I would have ended up as another rock and roll suicide.” This painful admission underscored the depths of his personal battles.

A Legacy of Protection

Thomas ‘Jack’ Osbourne’s influence extended beyond his role as a father. In the early days of Black Sabbath, the band attracted a diverse range of fans, including self-proclaimed occultists and witches. Concerned about the threats to curse the band, Jack Osbourne intervened by crafting protective crosses for the band members to wear. Geezer Butler, the band’s bassist, recounted how Ozzy’s father, who worked in a metal factory making car parts, created these symbolic talismans. These crosses became a physical representation of his father’s enduring presence, guarding the band against negative forces.