Ozzy Would Be Proud Of 9yr-old Kid Cover Of “Crazy Train”

TheConcertMan / Youtube

What were you doing when you were a 9-year-old? Probably not singing and playing the guitar. And definitely did not front a band during a music festival.

Well, that was precisely what 9-year-old Ryan Watson did and with exceptional talent.

Blizzard of Ozz (1980) is a true milestone as well as possibly the best solo artist release ever. Detaching from the legacy of a band as colossal as Black Sabbath and managing from minute one to forge a solo career at the height of your stardom, has only been feasible for Ozzy. For better or worse, there is and will only be one Ozzy.

Many artists try to do what Ozzy did here, which is to find a top guitarist to convince that your solo project will be better than what you are doing at the time. Ozzy stole the incomparable Randy Rhoads and his neoclassical guitar Firestorm from Quiet Riot, his band.

The main riff to “Crazy Train” is the perfect riff to dispense off to your buddies when performing your guitar, and this 9-year-old boy takes it on a higher level!

Keep going for the video below: