Ozzy’s Quad Bike Will Be Up For Auction

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A quad bike once owned by the legendary heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne is gearing up for auction later this month. According to the Irish News, this unique piece of rock memorabilia has a history that dates back to the ’90s, and its journey includes both fame and unfortunate accidents that left their mark on the “Prince of Darkness.”

Ozzy Osbourne, known for his larger-than-life persona and contributions to the heavy metal genre, added an unexpected item to his collection in 1994 – a Suzuki Quad Runner 250. This quad bike, along with an identical pair, became a part of Ozzy’s life and legacy.

From Accidents to Close Calls

Fast-forward to 2003, and Ozzy Osbourne’s life took an unexpected turn. The musician suffered a serious accident while riding a 350cc Yamaha Banshee quad bike on his Buckinghamshire property. The accident resulted in a broken neck vertebra, a fractured collarbone, and six broken ribs. Despite the severity of the incident, Ozzy’s resilience shone through as he faced the challenges of recovery.

A Second Chance at Ownership: Quad Bike Hits the Auction

Last December, the quad bike that nearly cost Ozzy his life found itself in the auction spotlight. However, the reserve price was not met, leaving the bike’s future uncertain. The quad bike still bears visible signs of its past encounter, with damage to the front crash bar and a crack in one of the rear wings. This time around, the auction provides a new opportunity for fans and collectors to own a piece of Ozzy’s history.

Ozzy Osbourne’s recollection of the incident provides a vivid insight into the moment of the accident. He shared with ABC:

“The last thing I remember, what I do remember is I got on the bike and, and something in my mind went ‘bad move. There’s something’s really bad is gonna happen.’ And I go oohuh-oh.”

Sam Ruston, Ozzy’s bodyguard who witnessed the incident, described the dramatic scene:

“I see the bike hit some berms, and it starts to bounce, and Ozzy’s holding on but what happens is the back end of the bike comes up off the ground, throwing him forward and over the handlebars.”

Ruston’s quick actions and life-saving measures helped bring Ozzy back from the brink.

Ozzy’s road to recovery was no easy feat. He faced an eight-day coma, multiple injuries, and the insertion of metal rods into his body. While health issues have led him to cancel live appearances and tours, Osbourne’s dedication to his fans and music remains unwavering. Despite setbacks, he has made occasional appearances on stage, showcasing his determination to return to the spotlight if his condition improves.