Pamela Anderson Wants An Apology Because Of “Pam and Tommy”

via girlboss videos / Youtube

Anderson said she was upset about not being approached about the series before it was made and felt like her privacy and personal life was being exploited without her consent. She stated that she believes the producers had a moral obligation to inform her about the production and seeks a public apology for the lack of communication.

The actress and model also expressed her concerns about the impact the series could have on her children and the misrepresentation of certain events depicted in the show.

Anderson expressed her disappointment and frustration with the producers of the miniseries in the interview, pointing out that they failed to notify her about the production. She considers their lack of communication disrespectful and considers it a personal issue. The former Baywatch star emphasized that the production team still owes her a public apology, even after the miniseries had already been aired. Anderson revealed that her ex-husband Tommy Lee had heard about her struggles and tried to console her, but she still felt that a public apology would have made a difference in her experience.

She stated,

“I wasn’t consulted. I didn’t give my permission. It’s just tacky.”

Despite her frustration, she acknowledged that the series brought attention to her and Lee’s relationship, which was both a positive and a negative experience.

Anderson has been vocal about her experiences in the past, including her thoughts on the leaking of her sex tape with Lee. She has also been an advocate for animal rights and has become a prominent figure in the vegan community. Despite her experiences in the entertainment industry, she continues to be a voice for what she believes in and has remained true to herself.

Anderson stated in the Variety interview that she has no ill feelings towards actress Lily James, who portrayed her in the miniseries. Anderson believes that it is difficult to play a character without having the complete picture. However, she expressed that the promotional billboards of James as her looked like a Halloween costume and the whole idea of the product being made was crushing for her.

I think it’s hard to play somebody when you don’t know the whole picture,” she explained. “I’ve got nothing against Lily James. I think that she’s a beautiful girl, and she was just doing the job. But the idea of the whole thing happening was just really crushing for me.”

Anderson extended an invitation to James to attend the premiere of her upcoming documentary, “Pamela: A Love Story,” set to be released on Netflix on January 31st. She stated that she has no intention of watching the Pam & Tommy miniseries.

“I just know that I refuse to watch it.”