Paul McCartney And His Favorite John Lennon Memory

SHINDIG - Airdate: October 7, 1964. (Photo by ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images) THE BEATLES (L-R: PAUL MCCARTNEY;JOHN LENNON)

In a recent interview on his own official site, Paul McCartney, a founding member of the Beatles, talked about the memorable times he spent with John Lennon and highlighted which one has since become his favorite.

When Peter Jackson’s documentary “The Beatles: Get Back” debuted in November 2021, one might argue that Beatlemania was rekindled. The audience had the opportunity to gain a glimpse into the lives of the Beatles, as well as the enjoyable and occasionally difficult dynamic between the band members. The band’s experiences when at their peak were depicted in the documentary.

The material of the docuseries was different from those of the other Beatles documentaries. It revealed the realities and backstage atmosphere that exist behind the scenes. For instance, it discussed the delicate issue of George Harrison’s emotional withdrawal from the Beatles and what transpired later. Paul McCartney experienced his own emotional moments as he reflected on the past and talked openly about several scars from the past.

Get Back became popular with the audience and received favorable reviews from most critics. It is smart, joyful, and occasionally cruel. It was nominated for five Emmy Awards and is now frequently referred to as “the best Beatles documentary of all time.” The program made it simple for the viewers to relate to their favorite characters.

In a recent interview on his own website, the well-known vocalist discussed the documentary. When questioned about the event that made him smile, McCartney revealed some intimate moments he had with his bandmate John Lennon. One of them—apparently Macca’s favorite recollection of the late legend—was the endearing scene of the two of them having fun together while singing and dancing to their respective tunes.

McCartney recalled:

“There were quite a few smiles: me and John goofing around on ‘Two of Us’ acting like ventriloquists and singing through our teeth; me and John goofing around on ‘Bathroom Window’ where we start ringing Tuesday – ‘Hello Tuesday!’ – that was nice. But the one that immediately comes to mind is John dancing – just seeing him dancing. It’s very cute, and he was actually a really good mover!”