Paul McCartney on Who Broke Up the Beatles- Not Who You Think

Youtube / The Howard Stern Show

Finally Answered — It was Not Yoko Ono! 

Sir Paul McCartney finally confirms who broke up the Beatles on the Howard Stern radio show in New York, and he blames The Beatles break-up on John Lennon.

Howard Stern, host of the radio show – huge fan of the Beatles –  had several questions for McCartney about the days when he was still with the iconic Fab Four, and one of those questions was about his late bandmate John Lennon.

During this awesome interview with Sir Macca, he confirmed that it was the late John Lennon who broke up the band in the middle of their career’s success and group’s heightened popularity saying to Stern,

“There was a meeting where John came in and said, ‘I’m leaving the group.’ And looking back on it, he’d reached that stage in his life. We all had

He also admitted that it was hard for him and the others when Yoko Ono came to John’s life and brought her inside the Beatles circle.

“John had met up with Yoko and even though we thought it was intrusive, because she used to sit in on sessions and we had never had anything like that, but the guy was totally in love with her. You have to respect that,” he told Stern.

It was hard to play the blame game, but McCartney realizes that Lennon’s relationship with Yoko Ono was one of the best things to ever happen for Lennon.

“Even though we thought she was intrusive, because she used to sit in on the recording sessions, and we’d never had anything like that,” he added. “But looking back on it, you think, ‘The guy was totally in love with her. And you’ve just got to respect that.’ So we did. And I do.”

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