Paul Stanley Honestly Compares Eric Clapton With Jimmy Page

via Paul Stanley's Soul Station / Youtube

In the realm of legendary guitarists, few names stand as tall as Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. Both renowned for their exceptional skills and musical contributions, they have left an indelible mark on the world of rock. Recently, KISS frontman Paul Stanley shared his candid views on the two iconic guitarists, comparing them with genuine admiration and revealing the profound impact Jimmy Page had on his life. In this article, we delve into Stanley’s insightful remarks and his appreciation for the brilliance and artistry that sets Jimmy Page apart from other guitarists.

Jimmy Page: The Musical Visionary – A Class of His Own

When asked about his musical role model, Paul Stanley didn’t hesitate to pick Jimmy Page as his favorite, emphasizing the immense respect he holds for the Led Zeppelin guitarist. In Stanley’s eyes, Jimmy Page is not just a guitar player; he’s a musical visionary, a brilliant cinematographer, and an exceptional arranger. According to Stanley, Page’s ability to “paint with sound” sets him apart from the rest. The KISS founder recalls the life-changing experience of witnessing Led Zeppelin perform in 1969 as a 17-year-old, raising the bar for what he believed was possible in rock music.

“Jimmy’s Beethoven. Jimmy is so far beyond… When people say, ‘Oh, all respect to a lot of other hotshot guitar players,’ they’re guitar players. Jimmy Page is a brilliant cinematographer; he’s a brilliant arranger. He paints with sound.”

From Fan to Friend: A Friendship Forged Through Music

Over the years, Paul Stanley’s admiration for Jimmy Page evolved into a close friendship between the two musicians. Following one of KISS’s London shows, Stanley officially met Page, and the encounter marked the beginning of a meaningful connection. Stanley praised Page’s genuine love and dedication to music, expressing his appreciation for the Led Zeppelin guitarist’s vision and creativity. For Stanley, Page’s contributions to music went beyond mere guitar playing, describing his work as symphonic, multilayered, and a vibrant tapestry of colors. The influence of Jimmy Page on Stanley’s own musical journey is undeniable, inspiring him to use his influences as tools of his craft.

“There’s an old adage that you should be weary of meeting your heroes and the people you look up to because, quite frankly, a lot of them are assholes. Jimmy is the complete opposite. He lives and breathes music, and he’s a terrific, terrific guy, and I would argue the most important and influential guitar player, not only in terms of playing but in terms of vision.”

Knowledge and Respect in Producing Rock Records: The Wizardry of Jimmy Page

Tracii Guns, who shared the video of Paul Stanley’s remarks, commended Stanley’s approach to producing rock records, emphasizing the importance of knowledge and musical influences in crafting exceptional albums. The respect and admiration for Jimmy Page as a musical wizard shine through Stanley’s candid remarks. The guitarist’s ability to create symphonic masterpieces on Led Zeppelin’s records continues to inspire generations of musicians and fans alike.

“I popped that question. Knowledge is power, especially when producing rock records. I never talk much about how I produce records. It’s all in what you don’t really hear. I’ll say that much. The rest is gonna cost ya. Paul Stanley is a huge fan of rock music and is all about using his influences as the tools of his craft. Much respect. The wizard is Jimmy Page.” – Tracii Guns

Paul Stanley’s comparison of Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page reveals the extraordinary reverence he holds for the Led Zeppelin guitarist. For Stanley, Page is more than just a guitar player; he is a musical visionary who paints with sound and arranges with brilliance.