Paul Stanley: Led Zeppelin In 1969 Was Transformative

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Paul Stanley responded to whether KISSis better than Led Zeppelin. During a conversation with Forbes, the singer and guitarist of the American band spoke about his musical heroes, Led Zeppelin, Eagles, and more.

“I was fortunate, as a kid I saw Otis Redding, which he was magic,” Stanley revealed when asked about the first song that changed his life. “And you hopefully know the difference when you’re in the presence of greatness as opposed to just an entertainer. I was also very fortunate I saw the Yardbirds with Jimmy Page and that was something really, really monumental for me. And of course I saw Zeppelin in ’69 and that was transformative. As I would put it that was god’s work. When you see a band that are so tied to each other and the synergy within the band and not only the music, but the sexuality of the band. Everything was so potent and so perfect that was a transformative moment for me. Probably more than any other was seeing Zeppelin live really when I believe they were at their peak.”

Stanley progressed on to extra explain on both Page and Redding later on in the interview:

“To hear ‘Respect,’ ‘Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song),’ you gotta write it down like that, ‘Try A Little Tenderness,’ Otis was a big man and he commanded that stage and even if you see Monterey Pop or some of these other concert films and you see Otis, I can only imagine what he would have gone on to do had he not met a tragic end. So Otis was amazing and seeing Jimmy play some of Jeff Beck’s riffs after Jeff had left the Yardbirds was something we talked about. And I think Zeppelin, for me, are the ultimate in a band that was pretty much capable of anything.”

Paul Stanley responds to whether Kiss is better than Led Zeppelin.

“And I of course would go Zeppelin.”