Paul Stanley’s Valid Reason For Using Backtrack Vocals

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The discussion around Paul Stanley, the iconic singer of KISS, and his alleged use of backing tracks during live performances has sparked quite a debate. Recently, former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach weighed in on the matter, shedding light on why he doesn’t see an issue with it. In this article, we’ll explore Bach’s perspective and delve into the broader conversation about technology in live music.

Sebastian Bach’s Take

Sebastian Bach, known for his powerful vocals and dynamic stage presence, offered a unique viewpoint on Paul Stanley’s use of possible backing tracks. He emphasized the physical demands placed on performers, especially those in their 70s, like Stanley. Bach noted,

“If you are in your 70s; if you’re 72 and you gotta put on foot-high monster boots and a Godzilla costume and hook yourself up to wires and fly to the top of the roof and sing, a guy in that age, I don’t really have a problem with a guy that’s in his 70s or 80s that might use the technology to give us a show.”

Respecting Age and Effort

Bach’s stance centers on the idea of respecting age and appreciating the effort that goes into putting on a show, especially for artists in their later years. He acknowledged that the elaborate performances KISS is known for can be physically demanding, and using technology to enhance the experience is understandable. In essence, he’s saying that if an artist is doing their best to deliver a memorable performance, age shouldn’t be a barrier.

Bach’s Concerns

While Bach supports the use of technology for veteran performers, he does express some reservations. He drew a distinction between experienced artists like Stanley and young opening bands. Bach pointed out,

“I don’t like when I have an opening band who’s 23 and they have the whole show on a click track and the background vocals are going.”

This highlights his concern about younger acts relying heavily on technology instead of honing their live performance skills.


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A Fair Standard

Bach also emphasized that his perspective isn’t about age alone. He clarified,

“If KISS were in their twenties, I would not like them to use tapes.”

His position underscores the importance of live authenticity, regardless of an artist’s age. He mentioned that if an athlete suddenly decided to become a rock star and used backing tracks while merely performing exercises, he would take issue with it.

The Final Word

As rumors about Paul Stanley’s use of backing tracks continue to circulate, KISS’ representatives and manager have firmly denied these claims. The debate over this issue, however, is likely to persist. As KISS nears the end of their farewell tour, there’s speculation about what the future holds for the legendary frontman.

Sebastian Bach’s perspective on Paul Stanley’s potential use of backing tracks sheds light on the nuanced nature of this debate. While he acknowledges the challenges of performing, especially for artists of a certain age, he also advocates for a fair standard of live authenticity. As the music industry continues to evolve, the conversation about technology in live performances is sure to persist, leaving fans and experts alike with much to ponder.