Peter Gabriel Shares The Tragedy That Inspired Him To Write New Song

via Peter Gabriel / Youtube

In a touching revelation on his official YouTube channel, iconic musician Peter Gabriel shared the profound inspiration behind his latest track, ‘And Still,’ from his upcoming studio album, ‘i/o.’ The song, which delves into the depths of childhood memories, loss, and compassion, reflects a deeply personal journey for the artist.

Gabriel spoke candidly about the origins of ‘And Still,’ recounting his emotional connection to the song:

“I wrote a song for my dad a number of years back, which I was actually able to play him, which was ‘Father Son,’ and then when my mom died, I wanted to do something for her, but it took a while. She died about six years ago, and it’s taken a while just before I felt comfortable and distant enough to be able to write something.”

The track, he revealed, is an elegy, weaving together warmth and sadness, capturing the essence of his mother’s compassion and their shared experiences.

Gabriel also shared his attempt to incorporate the musical styles that resonated with his parents: “I was also trying to write a little bit in the style of the music that my parents responded to, so I think there is some music from the ’40s probably that had an influence on the song.”

‘And Still’ is a testament to Gabriel’s ability to infuse his music with deeply personal narratives, creating a powerful connection with his audience. This heartfelt release follows his previous tracks from ‘i/o,’ including ‘This Is Home’ and ‘Love Can Heal,’ each exploring diverse themes of connection, love, and introspection.

Speaking about ‘Love Can Heal,’ Gabriel shared his intention behind the immersive mix:

“I was trying to create this sort of palette… I think with the work Buff’s been doing on the immersive mix, you’re getting this sense of being touched in many places, and it should be a place just to drift off; and I think, that’s my aim.”

Fans can anticipate another emotional journey with the upcoming release of ‘Live and Let Live,’ the twelfth track from ‘i/o,’ scheduled for November 27.

The album, set to hit the shelves on December 1, promises to be a soul-stirring collection, showcasing Peter Gabriel’s exceptional musical prowess and his ability to craft songs that resonate deeply with the human experience. For a glimpse into the artist’s profound emotions, the video and the song ‘And Still’ are available for viewing and listening on his YouTube channel.

Watch the video below: