Phil Collen Reveals He Thinks The Eagles Are Better Than Fleetwood Mac

via Sweetwater / Youtube

Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen recently spoke to Radioacktiva Colombia about the band’s newest album, ‘Diamond Star Halos,’ and the two cult albums that influenced its creation.

During the interview, Collen was reminded of frontman Joe Elliott’s earlier statement that Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ and the Eagles ‘Hotel California’ had a significant impact on their creative direction while making the new album. When asked which album he preferred, Collen immediately chose ‘Hotel California’ and praised the Eagles’ unique approach to different genres.

He also described how the songs on the album were excellent, making it a far better record than ‘Rumours.’ Collen discussed the album’s fascinating elements and how it culminated all the band’s sounds into one record, making it truly special.

Although ‘Diamond Star Halos’ was produced with both ‘Hotel California’ and ‘Rumours’ in mind, Collen’s clear preference for ‘Hotel California’ reflects the album’s impact on Def Leppard’s creative direction. The guitarist highlighted how the Eagles started as a country-rock band and how they effortlessly moved between different genres, creating a diverse and unique sound that culminated in ‘Hotel California.’

Collen believes the album to be the apex of the Eagles’ career and one that was truly special due to its many fascinating elements. Overall, Collen’s insights into the creation of ‘Diamond Star Halos’ and the influence of ‘Hotel California’ shed light on the creative process and inspirations of one of the most iconic bands in rock history.

Watch the full interview below: