P!nk Pays Tribute To Janis Joplin With “Mercedes Benz” Tribute—Her Voice Is Perfect!

Images via (L) YouTube Channel AlrightSirFreak (R) wemanagelegends.com

Pink might be the modern janis joplin

At the age of 27 years old, Janis Joplin passed away, and the world of music was never the same. The world lost a beautiful human being who had one of the most unique and incredible voices. There may never be another Janis Joplin, but there have been some artists who have emulated her singing style. One of the better-known artists to emulate Janis’ voices style is P!nk. She has been recognized as one of the best voices of our generation and has covered many artists’ songs over her career, even Janis Joplin’s!

This video in particular is a phenomenal example of how similar P!nk’s voice is to Janis Joplin’s. Although it’s only a short clip, P!nk sings Janis’ classic “Mercedes Benz”. She sings the chorus flawlessly, to the point where if you close your eyes you could swear it was Janis!

Check out P!nk’s phenomenal cover of this song down below! Hopefully a full version of her covering this song surfaces, because we can’t get enough!