Priscilla Presley’s Heartbreaking Final Wish to Rest Next to Elvis Presley Denied

via Entertainment Tonight / Youtube

In the recent legal battle surrounding Lisa Marie Presley’s estate, Priscilla Presley emerged with a significant settlement. However, not all of her wishes were granted, and among them was a deeply personal longing to be laid to rest beside her legendary ex-husband, Elvis Presley, which has been denied.

During intense negotiations, Priscilla expressed her ultimate desire to spend eternity resting next to the King of Rock and Roll. Unfortunately, her request hit a roadblock during a settlement meeting with her granddaughter, Riley Keough. TMZ reported that her wish was deemed unfeasible and ultimately denied.

Priscilla Presley shared her thoughts with TMZ, saying:

“Although I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon, it is my family’s and my wish for me to be laid to rest with my daughter and the love of my life when that time comes. We appreciate the love from all of the fans.”

Elvis Presley found his final resting place at his beloved Graceland estate following his passing in 1977. His parents’ graves flank him, creating a family memorial. Lisa Marie, Elvis’s only child, and her son, Benjamin Keough, are also laid to rest there. It is understandable why Priscilla yearned to be buried alongside them. However, fulfilling her request would involve the complicated and impossible task of relocating the gravesites of Elvis’s parents.

As the legal disputes surrounding Lisa Marie Presley’s estate come to a close, a settlement has been reached, closing a challenging chapter for all parties involved. However, amidst this resolution, it appears that Priscilla’s heartfelt wish to rest alongside Elvis will remain unfulfilled.

The denial of Priscilla Presley’s request serves as a reminder of the complex and sensitive nature of final resting places and the legal implications surrounding them. While she may not be granted her wish to be buried beside her former husband, her sentiments reflect the deep love and connection she still holds for Elvis and the desire to be reunited in eternity.

As fans continue to cherish the legacy of Elvis Presley, they can empathize with Priscilla’s profound longing. Though her final resting place may not be alongside Elvis, her enduring bond and appreciation for him remain steadfast, and the love from fans around the world continues to provide solace and support.