Steven Tyler’s Country Song Sounds Better Than Most Nowadays- So Freaking Good

The Man Who Has It All

As he gets older, he keeps getting better and better. If you’re not a fan of Country Music, Steven Tyler will make you!

Unlike any other modern Country Musician, Steven Tyler keeps it real. A former Rockstar turned into a Country Man. We cannot compare him to others. He can certainly do anything. The man who definitely has it all. The voice, the talent, the looks, and an incredible musician. Steven Tyler is the best friend you never had.

99.9% (Not-So-Statistically Speaking) of country musician these days doesn’t sound anything like this. Clearly, Steven Tyler has done it again! Yeah, sure nothing better than him being on Aerosmith. But let’s face it, he’s a good Country Musician too, and that’s a great addition into his world of awesomeness…

In an interview Tyler said that,

The first day in the studio I recorded a song that became my first single, and if ‘Love is Your Name’ then Nashville’s my new girlfriend. I guess you could call that Beginner’s Luck.”

You don’t often see Rockstars make Country Music and sounding very well as a country. It even makes you wonder how he does it. He tried something different, but still kicks ass. Hope modern Country Man would learn from this man. He reinvented Country Music…


If you are still skeptical, we have proof. Go on and listen to his country song: