Queen Features Surprise Covers In Their Video Series “The Greatest Live”

via Queen Official / Youtube

Queen, the iconic rock band known for their electrifying live performances, has delighted fans with a new episode of their weekly series, “The Greatest Live.” In this episode, the band revisits some of their memorable surprise cover songs, showcasing their ability to thrill and surprise audiences throughout their touring career. From paying tribute to their early music heroes to creating engaging medleys, Queen’s live performances continue to leave a lasting impact on fans and music enthusiasts worldwide.

 The Magic Tour’s Rock and Roll Tribute: Presley, Richard, and Nelson

Queen’s live performances have always been an exhilarating experience, with the band constantly seeking new ways to engage their audiences. In this episode of “The Greatest Live,” rare footage from the Magic Tour July 1986 concerts at London Wembley Stadium takes center stage. These historic concerts were the band’s final performances in the city and hold a special place in Queen’s live history.

During these concerts, Queen paid a rock and roll tribute to their early music heroes, including Elvis Presley, Little Richard, and Ricky Nelson. The band’s dynamic performance showcased their admiration for these legends and brought an electrifying energy to the stage. Brian May explained the band’s approach, saying:

“We’ve done that in a number of ways for a long time. We used to have a completely separate stage at the front, which would then actually descend with a little mini bass drum kit on it. So we’d come down to the front and it just formed one of the more intimate parts of the show.”

Intimacy and Interaction: Acoustic Moments with the Audience

Interacting with the audience has been an essential part of Queen’s live shows. Roger Taylor, the band’s talented drummer, shared how the band always sought to connect with the crowd on a personal level. He said:

“These days, with this sort of set-up, you can reach out with this long catwalk and really get out into the audience with people, which is very good in arenas. You’re surrounded by an audience then, and it’s great. You really feel like you’re in touch with people you know, and you can actually look at people.”

In the modern era, Queen has evolved this concept with a long catwalk, enabling them to reach out to the audience even in large arenas. Brian May, the band’s legendary guitarist, expressed how this setup allows them to feel connected to the fans and see the genuine excitement in their eyes. These acoustic moments remain a beloved aspect of Queen’s live shows, bringing the band and their fans closer together.