Queen Features The Story Behind ‘Love Of My Life’

via Queen Official / Youtube

Love Of My Life Was A Phenomenon

Queen is currently revisiting and streaming the transformation of their classic hit ‘Love Of My Life.’ Freddie wrote it first on the piano and guitar and Brian May eventually rearranged it to be performed on a 12-string guitar. “Love Of My Life’ eventually worked so great with the crowd that in live performances, the crowd developed a tradition where they will singalong everytime and Freddie will be conducting them. The song debuted in 1977 in their News of the World Tour.

I think it’s the moment when we first realised that they knew “Love of My Life”. Not only knew it but would sing it. And not only would they sing it but would sing it with a passion that brought tears to our eyes.

— Brian May on the 1981 South American concerts.
Even after the death of Freddie Mercury, Queen has still performed this classic with Brian May on the guitars and a video fo Freddie playing as if the great singer was still with us.
Watch the video below.