Rare Version Of Beatles’ “She’s A Woman” Found – Listen


via alexandrabee / Youtube


Hidden gems often resurface, giving fans a fresh perspective on their favorite artists. The Beatles, the legendary quartet that defined an era, are no exception. A recently unearthed version of their iconic track “She’s a Woman” offers listeners a rare glimpse into the creative chaos that shaped their sound.

The year was 1965, and The Beatles stood at a crossroads.

Their relentless tour schedule fueled Beatlemania, yet they yearned for musical evolution. As they strived to move beyond their early rock sound, their commitment to the genre remained steadfast. A testament to this dedication was the release of the riff-rocking single “I Feel Fine” at the end of 1964, featuring the B-side gem “She’s a Woman.”


This B-side track was a raw and energetic homage to the rock and roll pioneers that had inspired them. Paul McCartney’s raucous vocals and a driving rhythm guitar by John Lennon set the stage for a song that captured the band’s undying spirit. The creation of “She’s a Woman” was a whirlwind, with McCartney conceiving the idea on the way to the studio. As he recalled, “Let’s do it!”

The simplicity of the song was intentional. Lennon’s backbeat guitar and McCartney’s bass provided the spark that ignited the recording.

In his book “The Lyrics: 1956 to the Present,” McCartney noted how their collaborative energy often led to magical moments in the studio. Only seven takes were recorded, and amidst the chaos, take five stands out.

During take five, the band embarked on a spontaneous and wild jam session. McCartney’s screams and random phrases filled the air, while the rest of the band let loose. The energy was infectious, and even though the jam lasted six minutes, it birthed the essence of the song. Laughter and camaraderie filled the studio, reflecting the band’s unique dynamic.

Following a brief dinner break, McCartney added a piano line to the verses, and George Harrison layered identical guitar solos. It was the sixth take, right after the exhilarating jam, that emerged as the master version. In just one day, “She’s a Woman” was born.