Relive 5 Of The Best-Selling Rock Artist Of The 80s’

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The rock of the 80s marked a new awakening of sounds, dominated by technological advances and the application of electronics to music, sometimes somewhat excessively. In addition, both the hairstyles and the clothes of the artists totally changed in terms of the appearance that had been used in the 60s and 70s, added to the rise of video clips, and the popularization of exclusive music TV channels, such as the legendary MTV. Next, a list of the bands and groups that you should listen to.


One of the most valued albums of the eighties is “Purple Rain” composed of songs that rose to fame very quickly, and it is not surprising, as the talented artist was truly multifaceted and prolific. He was able to compose, write, dance, and sing his songs and constantly stay at the top of the charts. His eclectic personality and songs with funk and R&B influences catapulted him as one of the greatest of all time.


The seventh studio album by this famous hard rock group entitled “Back in Black” built the prestige of the band thanks to the number of sales it reached, which is around 50 million copies. It is considered the second best-selling music album in history and it is not surprising, as it perfectly frames the art of heavy metal and has been one of the references and influences for this type of genre in the next generations.

David Bowie

This decade was not the brightest of his career for the British singer, however, it was the one that helped him regain his status as a popular artist, as he was notably noted with some of his most commercial hits such as: “Modern Love” or “Let’s Dance” that swept the charts and rankings internationally, with slightly pop rhythms but keeping the extravagant essence of Bowie. In addition, it was also in the eighties when he collaborated with the well-known band Queen to create “Under Pressure” an extremely powerful song with a catchy rhythm.

Bruce Springsteen

El Boss gained fame with his somewhat political and carefree music in the eighties, without a doubt “Born In the USA” was the song that launched him to stardom. Despite not having the most spectacular voice, he is an artist who transmits his feelings and thoughts through music and is able to connect with the public immediately. That is why he was considered one of the best rockers that still moves crowds today.


The iconic heavy metal band Metallica, born in Los Angeles, perfectly represents one of the genres with the most history and evolution of modern music. The development of metal cannot be conceived without songs like ‘Master of Puppets’ as it is also very difficult to imagine a decade of the 80s without these frenetic legends. Their influence would remain to this day, with multiple metal bands and other genres as well. For this reason, it is considered an emblematic group, both for the music itself and for the image and aesthetics of the band that has been so widely replicated on t-shirts, advertisements, and other products. All this makes these rock and roll lovers continue to sound today.