Relive 5 Songs Popularized By The Flying Burrito Brothers

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In 1968 Gram Parsons left The Byrds following the release of “Sweetheart Of The Rodeo,” one of the masterpieces of the group led by Roger McGuinn. In love with country & western traditions, Parsons convinced A&M executives of the artistic and commercial potential of his ideas of blending cowboy sounds with California open space rock and shaped one of the most legendary and exciting bands in country-rock school, The Flying Burrito Brothers.


Christine’s Tune (1969)

Song dedicated to a Femme Fatal that according to legend was a partner of David Crosby and ended up dying in a traffic accident. The song that opens the great debut album of the band. A true declaration of country-rock intentions.


Sin City (1969)

Written in just half an hour, strongly influenced by the Louvin Brothers’ melodies, the song ironically portrays that dystopian city that we want (and don’t want) to lose ourselves at the same time.


Hot Burrito 1 (1969)

Parsons wasting talent and emotion to record one of the songs with the dumbest titles there is and can only be matched by its predecessor; Hot Burrito 2. 

Elvis Costello covered the song under the title “I’m Your Toy”, one of the phrases included in the song.


Wild Horses (1970)

Not much to scratch off the second Flying Burritos album. But this impressive version of the Rolling Stones was remembered. Fun fact, the version of this song was released before the Stones even released their original version. Parsons, who had a close friendship with Keith Richards, already knew the song firsthand. He asked if they could record a version themselves first, and Keith allowed them.


Colorado (1971)

One of the best songs the band released after Parsons. Rick Roberts recreates one of the great themes of Country-rock.