Relive 7 Classic Hits From Gene Chandler


Gene Chandler is a Grammy Hall of Fame inductee and a winner of the Rhythm and Blues Foundation’s Pioneer Award. One of the few musicians to score chart success traversing the doo-wop, rhythm and blues, soul and disco musical periods, with amazing Top-40 pop and R&B chart singles between 1961 and 1986. Chandler was inducted as a singer into the Rhythm and Blues Music Hall of Fame on August 24, 2014.

Relive 7 Classic Hits From Gene Chandler:

Nothing Can Stop Me

Recorded for Constellation Records “Nothing Can Stop Me” in 19651 penned written by Curtis Mayfield and produced by Carl Davis. The song was one of his Top 20 Constellation hits with “Just Be True.”


Get Down

Throughout the late 1970s, he discovered new breakthrough with disco-style music, producing successes with his previous producer, Carl Davis, which included “Get Down” released in 1978.


When You’re Number One

Gene Chandler released unquestionably one of the disco anthems of The Best Year Of Dance Music in 1979. Penned by Eugene Dixon and James Thompson and recorded via 20th Century Records.


Does She Have A Friend

Written by Egon L Stone & Mark William Gibbons. When Gene became an executive vice president at Chi Sound Records, where he spawned this hit along with “Get Down,” and “When You’re #1.”


I’ll Make The Living If You Make The Loving Worthwhile

This song was penned by Jimmy Levine and Lowell Simon in 1980 for Chandler, Jimmy Levine is on the keyboards, and was arranged by Tom Tom Washington.


Walk On with the Duke

The part 2 for his Duke Of Earl, penned by Chandler, Bernice Williams, and Earl Edwards.


Duke of Earl

Chandler’s 1962 US No. 1 song. It is the most well-known song by Gene Chandler, which he consequently named himself “The Duke of Earl.”