Relive And Listen To 7 Songs From Todd Rundgren

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These seven songs surely represent how genius and how important Todd Rundgren in the world of rock and roll. He produced some of the most important albums of all time and tracks that we still listen to today. 

 He was surely a brilliant singer, songwriter, and overall musician. Todd Rundgren truly defines what it means to rock n’ roll.

We relive the 7 songs From Todd Rundgren:

7. All The Children Sing

A beautiful nostalgic song that represents the wonderful career of Todd Rundgren. Included as the first track on the album Hermit of Mink Hollow, his eighth studio album – that was released in 1978.


6. Black Maria

Todd Rundgren showcasing everyone on how to play real blues. A track released on their third studio album titled, Something/Anything? — that was released in February 1972. 


5. A Dream Goes On Forever

This track blew everyone away during its release – such a gem which was written, arranged, produced, and played by Todd. Included in his debut album, Todd, released in February 1974. 


4. I Saw The Light

A song that still sounds fresh if you listen to it today. It was one of the best pop songs ever written by Todd Rundgren and one of the first during its release. It’s the opening track from the double album Something/Anything? released in 1972.


3. We Gotta Get You A Woman

One of the songs that touched the soul of every rock fans 50 years ago, and it still brings us tears to date. A song that was written by Todd and released as one of the tracks on the 1970 album, Runt. It even reached No. 20 at the charts in the US and Canada. 


2. Hello It’s Me

The song that introduced Todd Rundgren to the world. It was his first original song he ever wrote and first recorded by his first group called Nazz in 1968. Then after going solo, he recorded another version of the track and included it on his album, Something/Anything? in 1972.


1. Can We Still Be Friends

A song about love, life, and friendship. Everything about it is poignant and beautiful and stays inside your head. The song was included on his 1978 album Hermit of Mink Hollow, and was the only single from the album that reached No. 29 on the Billboard Hot 100.