Relive And Listen To The Neil Peart Songs From Rush

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The Legendary Neil Peart And His Classics!

It’s been said by the critics at the time that the late John Rutsey was more fitting as the drummer of the band, but when Neil Peart replaced him, he proved them wrong.

You gotta admit, most of the hit and classic songs of Rush were released and written by Peart, and he managed to make every drummer at the time to look like amateurs.

We relive and listen to the Neil Peart Songs From Rush

5. Tom Sawyer

Tom Sawyer has been one of the most recognizable songs of Rush, and it was written none other by Neil Peart. It was the song that put them ultimately with a massive following and instantly made them a superstar band. Peart made the one thing that other drummers never had, he can make us air-drumming each time we listen to Tom Sawyer.


4. Xanadu

Throughout their career in the 70s’, Neil Peart has proven that he’s the beast behind the kit, and he had proven it more by this song, Xanadu from their fifth studio album, A Farewell to Kings. Peart was so beast behind the drum kit like he was a one-man orchestra.


3. La Villa Strangiato

Unlike the other two above – La Villa Strangiato is more complex and more difficult to play. They even tried to record the song in just one take, but it was so difficult that they had to divide it together section by section. The outcome was enormous, and even when they perform the song live, it’s like you’re just listening to a record. Great man, Neil Peart, he’s a genius.


2. Working Man

The track provided the most straightforward song ever released, “Working Man.” It defined who Neil Peart was, and how he contributed with the band, their chemistry was like 99% pure. He shaped another generation of drumming and was ahead of his time.


1. By-Tor and the Snow Dog

One of the most well-known songs from their second album, Fly By Night. The song truly represents the nature of the entirety of the band, musically, and artistically. Peart wrote out one incredible song where he showcased his drive steering drum performance on the song.