Relive Robert Palmer’s 1979 Concert

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During the year 1979, Palmer had been working on an album called under the title “Secrets.” The song “Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)” manages to grab the Top 20, and like “Every Kinda People”, it became one of their most famous songs.

Rhythm & blues ran through his veins, open-minded and able to mix different rhythms in his productions, self-taught on guitar, harmonica bass, and drums, always aware that his best instrument was his voice. His latest albums showed an artist that he owed nothing to anyone, his baritone timbre blended perfectly with his melodies added to his look, a true rock standard, and producer of an imposing romanticism in his songs; it could only be Mr. Lady Killer, Robert Palmer.

The eclectic character of his music was reflected in his way of life. Until 1976 he lived in the Bahamas and his concerts after Secrets included a band that played from reggae and soul to pop and rhythm & blues.

In 1979 he helped in the production of Main In The Light of the group Talking Heads. Months later came his album Clues (1979) that took him high in England as well as in America.

His single Looking For Clues pushed the sales of the album, giving it continuity and validity. The second single on the acetate, Jhonny & Mary, was a great cut where Palmer’s talent of changing rhythms according to the time was evident, riding a bit on the disco wave and the use of synthesizers to also enter the New Wave.

Palmer’s unbelievable career and killer live force was showcased and captured on a full concert performance of his. This broadcast comes from the German television program titled Musikladen and was filmed in 1979, after releasing his fifth album Secrets

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