Relive These 5 Drum Solos Only Neil Peart Can Do

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“The words ‘best’ or ‘greatest’ get thrown around a lot in the world of classic rock,” Andy Burns of SiriusXM Canada, told Newsweek, “but few would argue with the statement that Neil Peart was the greatest drummer in the history of classic rock.”

Neil Peart passed away last January 7, 2020, at the age of 67 after battling brain cancer for three-year-straight. To honor him, we look back at These 5 Drum Solos Only Neil Peart Can Do:

1. YYZ

One of Rush’s best known instrumental, and it was released in 1981 on the band’s album Moving Pictures. If you didn’t know, the beat that Peart did at the beginning of the song was a Morse code for the letters “YYZ.” 


2. Malignant Narcissism

From Rush’s 2007 album, Snakes & Arrows. An instrumental track that showcased Peart without tons of surrounding him but still managed to pull amazing drumming that supports bassist Geddy Lee’s rhythm.


3. Mystic Rhythms

With this song, Peart managed to inspire a lot of drummers all around the globe. The beat he designed for the song was to take the listener beyond. Mystic Rhythms was from the band’s 1985 album, Power Windows. 


4. 2112 Overture

The opening track from the band’s 1976 concept album, 2112. The thunderous drumming of Peart gives every Rush fans the joy they deserve. The staccato drums, Lee’s bass, and guitarist Alex Lifeson’s power chords prove that they are the best prog-rock band ever — and Peart’s signature changes, slow tempo to racing it off with an amazing drum solo.


5. Every Neil Peart Live Drum Solos

Well, obviously, the only one who can do a Neil Peart drum solo is Neil Peart! He doesn’t need anything, but his drumsticks — and 30 pieces of equipment around him.