Reliving Roger Glover Songs

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Roger Glover is one of the responsible shaping the sound of Deep Purple and late-period Rainbow as a bassist, songwriter, and producer. He made such awesome not only to Deep Purple but to the world of rock n’ roll with his undeniably classic tracks “Woman From Tokyo” and “Smoke On The Water.” We look back at Roger Glover Songs:


5. Perfect Strangers

Glover wrote this track with Gillan and Blackmore, but he, of course, played the major musical role — even if it was considered sounding alike with Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. The track was released from the band’s album, Perfect Strangers in 1985.


4. Highway Star

The band’s best fast-car song, and of course, written by Glover and Gillian who both provided an awesomely high-octane boost and gritty growl. This track was released in 1972 from the band’s album, Machine Head.


3. Woman From Tokyo

Blackmore’s riff was the best part of the song, but Glover’s tight bounce made this a top 60 hits. The album was released in 1973 from the band’s album, Who Do We Think We Are.


2. Hard Lovin’ Man

Glover can make you breathless with his thunderous basslines as he keeps assaulting his bass guitar with awesomeness. This track was released in 1970 from the band’s album, Deep Purple in Rock.


1. Smoke On The Water

Probably the most iconic riff of all time from Blackmore, and Lord’s retorts against the critics. We have all air-guitared and headbanged million times this song. Glover’s greasy bass lines made this a No. 4 hit. The song was released from the band’s best album in 1972, Machine Head.