Reliving The Songs From Black Oak Arkansas

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When we talked about Southern Rock bands, the name such as The Allman Brothers Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Outlaws, Marshall Tucker Band, or the Charlie Daniels Band comes to mind. Overshadowed by these greats, Black Oak Arkansas were also one indeed, but in their own terms. When the band formed in 1963, they were then known under the name “The Knowbody Else.” They would later sign a contract with Stax Records in late 1960 to release their self titled album in 1969. But the record was not a success, which led the band to return to Arkansas and changed their name to Black Oak Arkansas.

We Relive The Best Songs From Black Oak Arkansas Below:

7. Up

One of their greatest performances Up signaled the band’s rise to fame, closing out their live album Raunch ‘N’ Roll Live. The album was released in 1972, featuring Up as one of their most exciting and most enduring songs in their catalog. 


6. Hot And Nasty

Hot And Nasty was included on their debut album, released in 1971. The song was featured as the opener for the second side and was produced by Lee Dorman & Mike Pinera. The song also appeared as the sixth track on Raunch ‘n Roll Live album released in 1973.


5. Mutants Of The Monster

Mutants Of The Monster also appearing on their Raunch ‘n Roll Live album released in 1973, but it was first released on the group’s third studio record called, If an Angel Came to See You, Would You Make Her Feel at Home? The song features great opening into and a slick bassline. 


4. Hot Rod

Released on their live album, Raunch ‘N’ Roll Live, and as you have noticed already, most of the songs on this list are from the legendary Raunch ‘N’ Roll Live album. The song defined the band as one of the most important Southern Rockers of all time. 


3. Gigolo

It’s a wonder why the band would compose and record such a song with a title, Gigolo. But, of course, if you ignore the title, this song is one of their best tracks, featuring the band’s great dual guitar sound. And you’ve guessed it, the track was released on the Raunch ‘N’ Roll Live album.


2. When Electricity Came To Arkansas

One of their essential songs that separates them from other Southern Rock bands. The great thing about this song is when Jim Dandy’ Mangrum used a washboard on the legendary California Jam concert. Issued on the Raunch ‘N’ Roll Live album as one of the band’s greatest releases.


1. Gettin’ Kinda” Cocky

Yes! The number song on our list and we ain’t Gettin’ Kinda” Cocky – not just yet. And yes, the song was issued on the Raunch ‘N’ Roll Live album. Gettin’ Kinda” Cocky is a song opener and the best track from the band’s greatest album.