Reliving The Songs Of Michael Hedges

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Regarded as one of the most innovative solo guitarists of his era, and he described himself as a “violent acoustic” artist. He rose to fame due to his raw and unique style utilizing harmonics and picking to create a sound of multiple guitars simultaneously. We look back at the Songs Of Michael Hedges:


1. Aerial Boundaries

With this song, Michael Hedges showcased that God spilled a bucket talent on him. A great guitarist may be a classical master, jazz, pickin’ maniacs, speed metal shredders – but few could be Michael Hedges, and this show proves that.


2. All Along The Watchtower

One of the finest acoustic cover of Bob Dylan’s classic All Along The Watchtower. Jimi Hendrix did it best with his exploding electric guitar, but Michael Hedges did it justice with his acoustic guitar. Watch the cover below:

3. Layover

What you’ll hear in this track is pure magic. One of Hedges’ finest works! He truly is a monster of acoustic creativity. The slides make you fall in love with the song, and it’s full of beauty that will lift you up more than just a sequence of notes would.

4. A Love Bizzare

One of the favorites covers by Hedges and this song makes you wonder, as great as he was a solo artist, what would he sounded if he played with a full band. But yeah, he brought his own “flava” to this song.

5. The Funky Avocado

The amazing talent he possessed proved that the guy was a monster — all his music came from his soul, mind, and body. The video below shows his best rendition of this song and around 2:25 he sings The Rolling Stones’ “Miss You” chorus.