Revisit the Iconic ‘Yellow Submarine’ Interview with Paul McCartney and George Harrison in Hollywood

via vitorbastos123 / Youtube

In 1999, the legendary Beatles members Paul McCartney and George Harrison sat down for an interview with Access Hollywood to commemorate the re-release of their classic animated film, “Yellow Submarine.” The interview has since become iconic, as it provides a rare glimpse into the dynamic between the two musicians and their shared experiences during their time with the Beatles.

The interview begins with the two reminiscing about the making of “Yellow Submarine” and how they wanted to make a film that was enjoyable for both children and adults. McCartney and Harrison went on to discuss their songwriting process and how they worked together to create some of the Beatles’ most beloved hits.

Throughout the interview, they share stories about their time with the Beatles and their personal lives. The interview also highlights the enduring legacy of the Beatles and their music. McCartney and Harrison discuss how their songs continue to resonate with new generations of fans and how they are still relevant today. They also express their gratitude for the continued support from their fans around the world.

The “Yellow Submarine” interview with Paul McCartney and George Harrison is a touching and insightful look into the lives of two of the greatest musicians of all time. It serves as a reminder of the impact that the Beatles had on popular culture and the enduring power of their music.

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