Revisiting The First TV Appearance Of The Doors

via @JimJohnRayRobby | Youtube

The first TV appearance of The Doors was in February 1967 on Boss City – the show was hosted by DJ Sam Riddle featuring W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band, and the Hearts And Flowers. 

The TV Show ran on Saturdays from September 1966 and was airing for several years on the local TV Station KHJ-TV. During that time, Break On Through is The Doors’ first and latest single release — and was the song performed on the show. 

On their She-Bang TV appearance, The Doors were tasked to lip-synced their first single, Break On Through. Jim didn´t seem to like it but they did it anyway. 

Some speculation reports that their first TV appearance was the performance on She-Bang because there were no surviving copies of The Doors’ performance on Boss City but there were two photographs taken by Jasper Daily that revealed that their performance on Boss City was, in fact, The Doors very first television performance.

Photo Source: | Photo By: Jasper Daily

Luckily, footage of their performance of Break On Through on She-Bang re-surfaced on the internet which you can watch below.