Ringo Starr Talks About His Distincitive Rhythm In Playing Drums

via @Team Coco | Youtube

When people talk about the Beatles, what dominates the most behind the conversations were often be the songwriting duo, Lennon and McCartney, and somewhat George’s unique writing and playing, and the groundbreaking studio works with the help of their producer, George Martin. 

Few musicians and fans talked about Ringo Starr and his drumming. Ringo, of course, is not the most flashier drummer, and great in technicality – he was not Keith Moon, Ginger Baker, and John Bonham which always comes in mind when we talk about great drummers. 

But what makes Ringo Starr a unique drummer? — When Ringo was invited on the TV show, Conan on TBS. Conan asked Ringo a specific tough question of how he managed to develop his signature style that later became the signature beat of the Beatles. 

Here’s his answer:

Ringo learned to play backwards. 

The interview is quite funny and enjoyable to watch as they talked about his distinctive drumming style, and Ringo Star was surely entertaining to watch. 

Keep going for the video below: