Robert Plant Reveals 1 Reason There Won’t Be a Led Zep Reunion- Sorry Guys!

Youtube / PigMine 6

What’s Left To Prove? 

The first album, Plant was only twenty years of age. Yes, he was just TWENTY! Too young but he was already a legend only he didn’t know it yet. He was a good songwriter, but he was young that’s why most of his songs were lyrically focused so much on SEX and TOLKIEN. A typical “adulthood.” Robert Plant is surely happy with his situation right now surrounding himself with eclectic musicians, writing and singing some rock, country, blues, and of course, some of the old Zeppelin tunes. He shares now the spotlight by collaborating with these musicians.

Yeah, it’s true, that this could POSSIBLY happen any time, and the name LED ZEPPELIN could still generate something BIGGER even though the boomers are slowly fading away…


Will we ever see this reunion happening? An “official” reunion, tour, promotions? All I can say is probably not.

There are many reasons to consider why the Led Zeppelin reunion will never happen like Robert Plant is now incapable to reproduce that amazing vocal range he has during his hey-days, Jimmy Page now lacks innovation, John Paul Jones’ busy schedules, and the very importance of John Bonham to the band.

John Bonham’s death was such profoundly sad blow to Robert Plant, and of course, to the rest, but for Plant, he felt to simply just abandoned the idea to reunite again with the rest because there was just no BONZO.

“Bonzo was the main part of the band. He was the man who made whatever Page and I wrote basically work, by what he held back, by what he didn’t do to the tempos. I don’t think there’s anyone in the world who could replace him.”

Here are 8 other reasons why Led Zeppelin will never reunite again:

  1. The band is much older now, takes a toll on body touring
  2. Jason Bonham is a star in his own right
  3. Jimmy Page is working on a solo record … probably
  4. Robert Plant doesn’t want to look back
  5. There’s no suitable replacement for Plant
  6. Momentum has been lost
  7. They’re too busy promoting the past
  8. There’s NOTHING else to PROVE!