Robert Plant Reveals Reason Why He’s Not Interested In Led Zeppelin Anymore

via Rock Feed / Youtube

Robert Plant, the iconic vocalist of Led Zeppelin, recently opened up about his disinterest in reviving the legendary band. In an interview with Mojo Magazine for the October 2021 edition, where he appeared alongside musician Alison Krauss to promote their collaborative album “Raise the Roof,” Plant revealed the reason behind his lack of enthusiasm for a Led Zeppelin reunion.

The rock legend expressed his belief that musicians who remain in bands for decades start to appear “sadly decrepit,” comparing it to clinging onto a life raft or staying in a comfortable yet stagnant place. Plant emphasized that while Led Zeppelin was undoubtedly a significant part of his life, there is little substance to revisit in the present. He dismissed speculations by stating that there is nothing more than speculation surrounding the band’s future.

When asked about his current relationship with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, Plant remarked that after 41 years, the conversation has ceased as the metaphorical spaceship of Led Zeppelin has departed. He acknowledged the stark differences between his current musical endeavors, particularly his collaboration with Alison Krauss on “Raising Sand,” highlighting its distinct power, intensity, and goodwill.

Plant’s perspective on time played a crucial role in his decision to pursue projects that truly resonate with him. He emphasized that with the limited time he has left, each day is precious and should not be wasted on anything that isn’t the proper artistic pursuit. This mindset ensures that he remains dedicated to endeavors that bring him joy and fulfillment.

While fans may continue to yearn for a Led Zeppelin reunion, Robert Plant’s candid revelations make it clear that his focus lies firmly on the present and the artistic ventures that align with his current creative spirit. As one of rock’s most influential figures, Plant’s dedication to authenticity serves as a testament to his ongoing artistic evolution.