Rock Musicians Turned Actors

In Light Of Being A Rock Star — There Is More To It…

These are several rock musicians who unexpectedly Wowed everyone On Screen. These are some of the numbers of musicians who have decided to hang up their music career (whether temporarily or not) and did a good job at acting while some with outstanding results than the others. Who would have expected that these rock stars would spark in their acting career and offered some great performance?

Below we look at some of music’s most favorite stars turned actors.


Jon Bon Jovi

After the “Dead or Alive” singer spent most of the 80s as a rock star, he decided to put his rock charisma into acting (well, he surely has a movie star looks). Jon Bon Jovi has appeared in such films as New Year’s Eve and Homegrown.




Meat Loaf

Famous for his extreme theatrical works and the best-selling 1970s album “Bat Out Of Hell,” Meat Loaf has done a lot of acting as much as he has been singing.





The British rock artist and frontman of The Police came into the world of acting and played as a hotel bellboy in the 1979 film, Quadrophenia which was written by The Who’s singer-guitarist Pete Townsend.




Mick Jagger

Known as the rock n’ roll swagger, Mick Jagger almost spent his career life as the lead singer and main songwriter for the one of the most influential rock band The Rolling Stones. The Swaggering, thick-lipped Brit Mick Jagger also did a fair share of acting and his first featured film appearance was in 1969s Sympathy for the Devil and a year later was cast as “Australia’s Jesse James” and did his finest acting moment from the movie “Performance.”




David Bowie

David Bowie was not only influential but he was also a prolific writer and performer, but little did everyone knows he was more than that; the prolific musician was also an accomplished actor and very intelligent in that category.




Bob Dylan

Remember the 1973 film “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid?” –Dylan made his dramatic debut in that film as a cowpoke named Alias. And some of his best-known movie appearances were the concert film The Last Waltz and documentaries like Don’t Look Back. Lucky for us he did not rely on his movie career just to uphold his reputation. He’s already the most influential rock musician of the 1960s and that is more than enough.