Rock Pasta Experience: What Was It Like During The Summer Of Love 1967?

It Was Ecstatic! 

Early on, the Summer of Love 1967, as mostly it was led by pampered, smart teenagers who are now what we call the baby boomers. The Summer Of Love was mostly about, Peace, Love, Arts, Acid and of course, music.

But there were also many individuals who were unprepared — they were starving, dirty and had no clue what was going, and never had the chance to take care themselves.

Oh, and there goes the hippies, without them the Summer of Love 1967 would not have been complete. It was also them who popularized the music that we love, kind of …

Then, there are also the exploiters they come around, jerk around, and screw with the innocents — so innocent that they were easy to boot.

And of course, the users, they won’t definitely missed out the Summer of Love 1967.

There have been various of events, memories, and music recorded.

Some of the baby boomers got there and it might be even one of YOU who got pulled into the majestic Summer of Love. Mostly everything that ever happened during the Summer of Love serves as a lesson and a good experience as well.

What about you? What’s your story during the Summer Of Love 1969? Share it with us…