Rock Pasta Reviews: Why Dark Side Of The Moon Is One Of The Greatest Albums Ever Period


This topic is somewhat way too subjective, and it can always depend on what people may prefer or like. People may like Led Zeppelin over Pink Floyd, or you might like both ends.

Well, Pink Floyd are well known for their theme based records. So, for me, Dark Side of The Moon is one of the greatest albums ever recorded. Why so? Every song on this record link to the everyday madness we experienced, “Money,” “Time,” and “Brain Damage,” songs like these are so powerful that their lyrics point to a meaningful statement. The statement goes out to everyone and anywhere they may be. With Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd are like the Mozart of the modern era. Every time you listen to it, you certainly experience and feel it. – A story about life. And not everyone can come up with this kind of musical genius.

No other album is as complete as Dark Side of the Moon. Musically, lyrically, creativity, and production wise. While not only this album is a HUGE seller, it’s one of the best overall album ever made in the history of making albums. Start to finish is the greatest combination of music you can experience.

Music is a form of art, something that can be so powerful if someone created it so well, and that’s what I felt just by listening to this album. Dark Side of the Moon is WAY too great than any of the other albums ever recorded. This isn’t just an album you listen to you have to experience it and take it with you. An album that is so freaking “TIME“less that is worth all the “MONEY” just to get a hand to it. It’s so damn good that sometimes you forget to “BREATHE” when you listen to it.

Yeah, while it is debatable, you just can’t deny the fact that “DARK SIDE OF THE MOON” IS and WAS the GREATEST ALBUM EVER MADE PERIOD! – A great album should be solely based on the entirety of the album. And this album is the only album that you can listen to from start to finish. A real MASTERPIECE. Nuff said.